Saturday, January 13, 2007

Philip Hughes & Igawa's Mystifying Translator

So the latest "news" in Yankeeland is that Phil Hughes is among 21 non-roster players invited to Spring Training. Ok, so this isn't really news since his attendance is as guaranteed as a Paul Quantrill 88mph cut-fastball. As Mr. Schultz recognizes, while Humberto Sanchez is on the 40-man, the absence of JB Cox is perplexing - particularly when Ohlendorf and Steven Jackson got the call.

Tired of hearing about Hughes and not actually coming across any video that shows why everyone is gaga over him? If you haven't been able to make it out to a Trenton Thunder game, and are sick of cell-phone videos shakier than Katherine Hepburn, check this one out. Its only 3 minutes long, but its better than most anything else on the web. Here is a short video that shows the sideview of his throwing motion during a bullpen session.

Also found video evidence of my previous accusation as to the origins of Kei Igawa's translator. My earlier post stated that his translator had the voice of a man (think Cassandra's dad in Wayne's World 2), face of a woman, and the wildcard was that she wore a suit and tie for the press conference. What is its gender? You make the call.

Finally, here is Buster Olney's take on what has or will become the Clemens saga. He questions the Yankees' willingness to accomodate Rocket's need for family-time, nap-time, or any other time. Interesting ideas, but nothing that probably hasn't been regurgitated in some newspaper in Texas or New York.


Eric Schultz said...

I don't have much to comment on regarding Igawa's translator, but I do know about the Sanchez situation. He is on the Yankees' 40 man roster, so he is automatically invited to Spring Training. For me, the big omission is JB Cox, particularly when Kevin Whelan was invited. Maybe he's hurt.

yankeesZrider said...

ah yes

after making the post I realized sanchez was on the 40-man..but thanks for the correction, that was a gaff on my part.

and i totally agree with you as far as JB Cox. I think his ERA was around 1.75 last year with a somewhat dominant showing.. His AAA talent-level warrants an invite, which is certainly confusing..