Saturday, January 13, 2007

McGwire Speaks, Continues Stomping On Legacy

ESPN has released another reassuring statement from former celebrated athlete Mark McGwire. Following his embarrassing performance on Capitol Hill, Big Mac decided he would put his two cents in on the HOF rejection:

"I'm not in control of what happens -- I was in control of hitting the ball," McGwire said as he signed autographs at a charity event benefiting the Orange County Abuse Prevention Center.
Very eloquent Mark. Thanks for breaking it down for us lay-persons. Not to brutalize McGwire, because he is said to be a truly nice guy, but it's time to get a permanent foot-in-mouth implant. He had his shining opportunity to either come clean for his sins or emphatically defend his honor in front of a Washington D.C. subcommittee. Looking back on Rafael Palmeiro's poised finger and furrowed brow routine, maybe the confession would have gone over better.

Mac's curt response to his HOF snub is just as incriminating as his long stare and refusal to "talk about the past." I would have rather heard him arrogantly snipe "No comment" then hear him assassinate his own character . . . again. If I was McGwire's PR man I would have him say something along the lines of: "Well, as much as I have always dreamed of being enshrined in the Baseball HOF, I respect the opinions of the writers and will hopefully do better on the next go 'round." The supposed population of forgiving baseball writers who may eventually vote him into the hall has probably shrunk . . . again.

Regardless, Mac's fade into obscurity is progressing at such a rapid pace it's almost dizzying. During the Cardinals' triumphant return to the World Series, McGwire's name was like that of a Communist during the age of McCarthyism. There were no mentions of his HOF eligibility. No invites to sit in the owner's box. No honorary throwing out of the first pitch. Hell, they are even trying to strip his name from a Missouri freeway.


Here is the complete Yankees 40-man roster according to
Pitchers: T.J. Beam, Colter Bean, Chris Britton, Brian Bruney, Matt DeSalvo, Kyle Farnsworth, Sean Henn, Kei Igawa, Jeff Karstens, Jeff Kennard, Mike Mussina, Mike Myers, Carl Pavano, Andy Pettitte, Scott Proctor, Darrell Rasner, Mariano Rivera, Humberto Sanchez, Jose Veras, Luis Vizcaino, Chien-Ming Wang, Chase Wright.

Wil Nieves, Jorge Posada.

Infielders: Robinson
Cano, Jason Giambi, Alberto Gonzalez, Derek Jeter, Doug Mientkiewicz, Juan Miranda, Josh Phelps, Andy Phillips, Alex Rodriguez.

Outfielders: Bobby
Abreu, Melky Cabrera, Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, Kevin Reese, Bronson Sardinha, Kevin Thompson.
Let's get Colter Bean into Yankee Stadium folks. Also would like to see more of Kevin Thompson. Barring a revival of the Mike Gonzalez trade talks, Melky will probably make a Thompson campaign obsolete. And rightfully so. He has that New York built-in ability that is useless to describe, because his intangibles only emerge through everyday viewing.

Just seeing their names reminds me how disappointing Henn and Beam have been. They may be 25 and 26 respectively, but their lack of significant progress (maybe unfair due to little playing time) paired with a newly improved farm system spells a short career with the bombers. If possible, Cash and Torre will probably throw the twosome into innings to see if they can stick in the bullpen - possibly earning themselves a trade into an organization that could use them.

Finally, has an audio interview with Micah Owings - who was initially rumored to join Ohlendorf as the key prospects to the Big Unit deal. (scroll down to the bottom) Too bad Cashman couldn't pry him away from the DBacks instead of Luis Vizcaino, Gonzalez, Jackson. Enjoy the Sunday NFL games and join me in rooting on a Chargers destruction of Brady, Belichick and Company.

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