Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Pineiro Heads to Bosox, Brings 6.36 ERA

Joel Pineiro signed a contract with the Boston Red Sox today. There is not very much to say about this transaction other then the fact that Boston is putting a starting pitcher into their bullpen. A bullpen that needs a lot of help, like one of those closer guys. At ages 22-24 Pineiro had his most productive seasons in Seattle posting a 2.03 ERA in 75 innings; a 3.24 ERA in 194 innings; and a 3.78 ERA in 211 innings.

The rising ERA trend continued as he got older as he embraced mediocrity. Check Pineiro's stats, his ERA has ballooned in each of the last three seasons, culminating last year in a 6.36 ERA in pitcher friendly Safeco Field. The upside to this move? He's 28 and can start games if Schilling or Wakefield miss time due to injury. Other then that, there is not much to be excited about. His innings pitched has gone down considerably while his hits allowed and strikeout numbers have gone into a tailspin.

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