Thursday, January 4, 2007

Unit Deal Takes Another Babystep Foward

There are now rumblings that the Unit deal will "definitely" get done before the coming weekend. Unfortunately, the package of prospects that will be sent to New York will not include Ross Ohlendorf. On the positive side Micah Owings will be.

Along with Owings, the Yankees asked for 27 y/o Brandon Medders and Dustin Nippert. We have already discussed Nippert's ability and ranking in the DBack system, but Brandon Medders is an intriguing major league reliever.

In 2006, Medders had a 3.64 ERA, 47 strikeouts, 28 walks, 76 hits in 72 innings. It doesn't exactly jump off the page or dazzle. His career BAA is .249; k/9 of 6.88; and K/BB is 2.00. The idea of a relief pitcher with "upside" probably dies around Medders age (27) because he is not going to become a starter.

His pitching arsenal includes a low 90s fastball as well as a solid curveball and slider. He also uses the changeup as an occasional out-pitch. All in all, Medders is not Scott Linebrink or Mike Gonzalez, but if he can become a solid reliable 6th or 7th inning pitcher alongside powerarms like Britton or Bruney, there is the possibility of showing Farnsworth the door.

In my opinion, that Owings would be part of the deal is a victory in itself. The 6-7 Nippert has the potential to become a stud pitcher in his own right. This would however hinge on his building a toughness that apparently hurts his pressure-pitching. Overall, every Yankee fan should be ecstatic about such a move. Randy is not made for New York and we all know it. His initial signing was a no-brainer and his banishment is equally as obvious.

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