Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Rice & Goose: Wait 'Til Next Year

If Goose Gossage was pissed off after last year's HOF snub, what expletives is he warming up for today? Jim Rice must also be singing four-letter-word ballads to the BBWAA. Rice only has two more years of eligibility on the ballot, so next year appears to be the year for Gossage and Rice. There will be no first-ballot type candidates to eat votes in 2008. Needing 75% to get elected, I believe Gossage missed a call to the Hall by about 3 percentage points with Jim Rice earning 63%. That's pretty rough for Goose.


J.D. "Nancy" Drew has still not officially become a Boston Red Sox. Not sure what the hold up is, but it is believed something could get done by week's end. The NY Times has an article on this drawn out debate over contract language, or maybe the Red Sox have cold feet after realizing they haven't traded Manny and don't need a soft, injury-prone, "potential" player in Fenway Park.


Miguel Cairo's one year contract worth $750,000 has been finalized and just about every position player need has been filled - except of course for the decision as to who will occupy the right-handed portion of the first base platoon. It seems like a two horse race between Andy Phillips and Josh Phelps.


Dave said...

all of the roster is set? Who is our backup catcher next yr? Isnt it between raul chavez and wil nieves?

yankeesZrider said...

"Just about every" position player is set and as of now I am assuming that the back-up catcher role will come from within.

If you are stating that Chavez and Nieves are not very solid options, I agree.

I am stating that the free-agent moves - in terms of position players - seems to have come to a close.

Gregg Zaun would have been nice, but Toronto did a Barajas two step after something in his health history startled them.

Micah Picasso said...

Goose should of been in, we all knew that Ripken and Gwynn would go but it would of been great to get someone else in. Goose will go next year I'm sure.

And I think Nieves gets the nodd as backup, havent heard anything on Chavez. Bullpen is almost set and starting pitching has some questons, with Igawa and Pavano but anytime you can have Moose, Wang and Petitte, thats a pretty good 3, and who knows maybe Clemens will follow so that would be the best 4 in baseball. If that happens we could say World Series