Thursday, January 4, 2007

Tune in. Zone Out.

For those Yankees fans who can stomach Bob Lorenz's ridiculous questions while recognizing Tom Verducci as one of today's finest baseball writers, don't forget to tune into tonight's edition of Yankees Hot Stove. Surely, Verducci will be joined by his less engaging SI compatriot John Heyman and discuss such lively topics as Keith Foulke going to the Indians or Pineiro to the Sox. I'll also offer even odds that at some point Lorenz turns to the camera to discuss that the Yankees broke ground on the new stadium and then praise the efficiency of the business venture.

Verducci will probably offer valuable insights into the Johnson deal's inner workings as well as a Clemens vigil. Cashman's stockpiling of young pitchers in order to possibly attain a Dontrelle Willis or Johan Santana may also become a topic of conversation (Minneapolis papers have already brought up trade possibilities).

However, the real reason you should watch the overlong, Yankees infomercial is because of the interview with one Philip Hughes. Hopefully, the questions will not sound like this: "Which NYC restaurant is better: Nobu or Rao's?" or "How old is your dog Rex?" Maybe Hughes will demand a rotation spot in 2007, that would be interesting. Regardless, check your local listings and set your Tivo to Yes @ 6:30pm.

UPDATE: I would like to apologize for my bold announcement that Philip Hughes would be appearing on the Hot Stove tonight. I had heard through a previously respected Yankees fan (just kidding J) and saw a promo online that Hughes would be on the show tonight. So a few hours after dogging Steve Phillips for not knowing a thing about baseball, I have now officially eaten crow.


Jason McAdams said...

Already have that TiVo set yankeesZrider. Watching Bob Lorenz is like watching paint drip, not dry.
I was hoping that the Yanks might be able to pry a reliever and two prospects from the D-Backs but it looks like one of each.

Spring training is around the corner. Check out my sight for a pdf of the spring schedule. sent me.

yankeesZrider said...

Haha I completely agree with your Lorenz assessment. At this time I am hearing conflicting reports, but as my most recent post states I am going along with what Sweeny says:
Ohlendorf, Vizcaino, Gonzalez & Jackson. I will definitely check out that pdf as I check read constantly.

Thanks for the comment, get back to me

susan mullen said...

When talking about YES Network studio productions (such as Hot Stove), you must remember those making decisions there are not Yankee fans. Lorenz, like most studio hosts, would certainly be at the bottom of the food chain in being allowed to influence the show editorially. But I've watched him enough to know he does not think like a Yankee fan. Also, the Hot Stove show is primarily a vehicle by which Verducci can stare lovingly at himself into the camera. Too bad.

yankeesZrider said...

haha touche Susan. Yes I understand the production is not going to be conducive to die-hard yankee fandom but the pointed questions that Lorenz asks may as well be answered by himself. And I love the Verducci comment. He certainly hasn't met a camera he didn't like but you have to respect his baseball knowledge, ability to break the big story, and repour with countless teams/players around the league.