Thursday, January 4, 2007

Mientkiewicz: "90% Certain He'll Be A Bomber"

Doug Mientkiewicz seems pretty confident that he is Bronx bound. Multiple newspapers support his statements and it would appear that Andy Phillips is now on the griddle. There are rumors that Phillips will be sent packing and Josh Phelps will settle in as the right-handed portion of a first-base platoon. (Phelps, who has some pop, was acquired via the Rule V draft)

Multiple sources are saying that Mientkiewicz is already on his way to New York for a physical and subsquent signing of a one-year-deal. Hopefully, Loretta will make the pilgrimmage as well and fill in as our utility infielder. I am not extremely for or against the Mientkiewicz signing because he does mean gold-glove caliber defense at first. Unfortunately, he does mean back-up catcher caliber numbers at the plate.

Meanwhile, the G-Unit trade negotiations have become a hostage situation. Only problem is, it is unclear who is being held up at this point. This is basically my impatience at work because Cashman will probably complete a deal soon that brings a major league reliever and two top prospects. So, it would seem that Ca$hmoney is the potential criminal in this deal. What is known is that the closer the Unit deal comes to completion, the quicker Clemens comes into focus as his replacement. How many times has an organization essentially swapped first ballot hall of fame pitchers over the age of 40?

UPDATE: New York Daily News is reporting that Mientkiewicz and the Yankees have reached a tentative 1 year deal. Also breaking is the news that the Astros have have a contract in place with Mark Loretta. So much for Loretta as the Yankee utility glove.

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