Thursday, February 1, 2007

Down With Direct TV

The new Direct TV deal with Major League Baseball has created quite an uproar recently. The new agreement effectively screws over baseball fans who are unable to receive local broadcasting. For example, my parents moved to South Jersey and will no longer get the YES Network. The Direct TV deal eliminates the opportunity for them to get a package on cable or even view them on

The deal has come under such scrutiny as to inspire Senatorial misfit John Kerry to lose himself within a Direct TV battle. The deal seems completely and utterly unfair:

"I am opposed to anything that deprives people of reasonable choices," Kerry said in a statement. "In this day and age, consumers should have more choices -- not fewer. I'd like to know how this serves the public -- a deal that will force fans to subscribe to DirecTV in order to tune in to their favorite players. A Red Sox fan ought to be able to watch their team without having to switch to DirecTV."

"Extra Innings" is a service that allows viewers to watch games involving teams not in their local markets. In past years, the service has been available through a range of providers, but a pending deal would make the service only available to DirecTV subscribers.

If you would like to contribute to the Direct TV dismemberment there are some channels to utilize. From Peter Abraham's blog:

If you have a complaint, e-mail or call MLB at (212) 931-7800.

Transplanted New Yorkers or Bostonians should be able to watch their team from whatever locale without being forced to dump their current tv package & switch to Direct TV.

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