Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday Round-Up

The Phillies have reached a three year agreement with RHP Brett Myers worth $25 million. I was shocked how quickly & effectively the organization swept Myers' domestic violence incident under the rug. Pitch well and Myers will be regarded as an ace. Become hittable and he'll be labeled a wife-beater. (No pun intended)

Bill Conlin on Myers first homegame since the incident:
While nobody came right out and blurted, "She probably had it coming," Kim Myers got about as much backing as a Combat Zone hooker caught with a john's wallet. You better believe that if Myers had been denied his lustily booed Fenway start, some would have insisted he was the real victim.
On deck: the monster contract awaiting slugger Ryan Howard.

This just in: Johnny Damon is a space cadet. Even though his multi-homerun performance disembowled Yankee fans in Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS, how can you not laugh along with this guy. It's refreshing to see an athlete who refuses to take himself too seriously.

One bit of advice though, Johnny: next time your team's on the brink of postseason elimination try to refrain from laughing in the dugout.

One of the most talented pitchers in the league - who seems incapable of recovering from the Pujols playoff homer - is working with another Texas flamethrower. Astros former closer Brad Lidge is working with Nolan Ryan in hopes of recovering the intimidating presence he once exuded.

Boston inkblotch, Dan Shaughnessy, gives his take on Curt Schilling's latest whine for attention.

Finally, much thanks goes to Alex Belth & BronxBanter for the honorable mention today.

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