Friday, February 2, 2007

Andy Reid's Offspring Come Out & Play

Andy Reid seems to be one of the most straitlaced, accessible, personable coaches in the NFL. Unfortunately, the tight leash he keeps on his players does not seem to extend to his own family. Tuesday afternoon was not a good day for the Reids. Both of his sons had inexplicable brushes with the law. Instead of even attempting to explain these bizarro incidents, I will let the Sports Illustrated piece speak for itself:
Two of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid's sons are under investigation -- one for suspicion of pointing a gun at a motorist, the other for a car accident just hours later, after which police said he admitted using heroin.

No charges have been filed, but police gave the following account of the incident:

A man matching Britt Reid's description got out of a sport-utility vehicle and yelled at another motorist, then returned to his SUV and pulled out a handgun. He then pointed the gun directly at the other driver, smiled and took off, but the other motorist took down his license plate number.

From the vehicle, police recovered a shotgun, ammunition, a container holding eight clear baggies with white residue, a container with white powder, four small white pills, and a pharmacy bottle holding a green leafy substance, according to a list obtained by The Associated Press.

Andy Reid was on vacation and not at home at the time of the search. He returned home Wednesday.

On the same day as the alleged road-rage incident, Britt Reid's older brother, Garrett, was found with drug paraphernalia after his sport-utility vehicle collided with another vehicle in nearby Plymouth Township, police said.

In a statement to police, the 23-year-old Garrett Reid said he had used heroin earlier in the day, admitted he was speeding at the time of the accident and said he did not know what color the traffic light was when he went through the intersection, according to the affidavit.

Police requested a search warrant for the SUV, but it was not immediately clear if investigators had executed the warrant.

This is a scene out of a bad 80's movie or cheesy after school special. The John Candy father figure comes home from vacation a day early. One son is caught in a David Berkowitz pose while the other founds the Kurt Kobain Nascar Series. You can't make this stuff up.

In my heart of hearts I believe Andy Reid to be a good guy and most probably a devoted parental figure, but these are some serious allegations. Understandable that living in the public eye can be overwhelming - look at Suri Cruise already resembling Lord Xenu - but how scrutinized is the Andy Reid clan?

Like it or not, this may be an indictment of the NFL coach and his inability to allocate time for both football and family. Not to thrust blame solely upon Reid's shoulders. The emergence of the brothers Reid may be a warning shot for coaches who - like Kansas City's Herm Edwards - boast 18-hour work days. Because he preaches family first and football second, Tony Dungy seemed the exception to the rule. Until his son's tragic suicide.

All in all, this is one of the weirdest sports AP stories I've ever come across. Hopefully these kids get their heads together before they hurt themselves or some poor sap driving next to the Timothy Leary taxi-service.

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