Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nawww, Really . . . G-Unit Hates New York

  • Randy Johnson more and more resembles a kid in a candystore during his re-acclimation to the Diamondback organization. Following Mussina's (and other Yankees) assertion that G-Unit was miserable in New York, most Yankee fans must be nauseated by recent photos of a smiley, gregarious Randy. Today, Johnson called out New York reporters because they "used [me] as a doormat" and wrote stories without allowing him to proofread beforehand.

  • Jorge Posada says Phil Hughes is major league ready, and he knows it. Posada, who does not often dish out such praise, likened the 2007 Hughes to Andy Pettitte in 1993. Both exude confidence not cockiness, remaining humble while still displaying professionalism and talent.

"The kid belongs . . ."That maturity, it just stands out," Posada said. "The attitude, you see it. It's not about being cocky. It's just the way he walks around, he belongs here. He acts like a big leaguer."

Just another impressive moment during Phil's maturation.

  • The Marlins intelligently gave in to Miguel Cabrera's financial demands, rewarding the budding superstar with a $7.4 million contract. This comes after Marlin executives and owner Jeffrey Loria called Cabrera out on the carpet for missing fan caravans - only to learn that the Florida star was tending to his ill father.

According to a report in the St. Petersburg Times, Wigginton's wife, Angela, went into intense labor two weeks early. Against the clock, Ty was forced to deliver the baby in the bedroom closet of the their new North Carolina home.

Talk about clutch.

"He was out in less than a minute," Ty told the Times. "One or two pushes, and he was ready to see the world."

This may be the closest he comes to taking ground balls following the acquisition of Akinori Iwamura from Japan.

*Buster Olney may dedicate tomorrow's entire blog to his almamater's upset of the #1 team in the country. In a shocker, Vanderbilt defeated Florida 83-70.

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