Saturday, February 17, 2007

Clemens "Quits" & Phil Hughes Interviewed

*Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano made up today. Yesterday, Mussina read Crutch the riot act, asserting that the brittle one must regain the trust of him teammates after two years of clubhouse absenteeism.
Moose went on WFAN radio with hosts Mike & the Mad Dog, but did not change his tune. He remained honest about Pavano, A-Rod and all things Yankees. He also stated that the return of Sheffield and Matsui may not have been the best thing for a team which was gelling - even without their allstar corner outfielders.
If you missed the interview, I highly recommend you take a listen. It's refreshing to hear a multi-millionaire offer real answers to hard-hitting questions.
*Roger Clemens says there's only a 20% chance he will pitch in 2007. That makes it a 80% chance the Rocket will retire. Factoring in the Roger-unreliability variable, this declaration basically means nothing. From

"The teams that are involved, I think they've got really good clubs that are together, and if somebody stubs their toe and my phone rings in May, I might have to think about it," Clemens told KRIV.

Until Clemens starts turning down $15 million offers for minuscule workloads, I will assume Randy Hendricks and his client are playing politics. Once I see Clemens watching games from the stands and not the Yankee bullpen, I will believe he is out of baseball.

*Yankee talking head, Michael Kay, interviewed Phil Hughes yesterday. Hopefully the escalation in media buzz and interview requests does not have adverse effects on Phil-er-up. Check out the interview at the ESPN radio homepage. Scroll down until you see Kay's mongloid image.

*Barry Bonds disappointed every baseball fan in America by finally agreeing to a deal with the Giants.

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