Sunday, February 4, 2007

Post Superbowl Good Vibrations

Following your helping of beer, wings, and hopefully a compelling football game, Yankees fans can place their undivided attention toward an exciting Spring. A Yankee farm system with an abundance of promising pitching is not an annual occurrence and this year's minor league circuit will be buzzing.

In Tampa and Staten Island, potential big-league talents such as Dellin Betances, Joba Chamberlain, Mark Melancon and Ian Kennedy provide salivation for the 2010 season. Dellin is especially intriguing, in that his stature (6-9 & 215), overpowering fastball (clocked up to 98), and superior upside has several scouts drooling. Here's a look at his delivery below, notice the sheer power aching from still-improving mechanics:

Newly established AAA affiliate, Scranton Wilkes-Barre, will host a dazzling squad of hurlers. Should the broken bone JB Cox suffered to his pitching hand heal as is expected, he provides another bullpen possibility for Cashman during the stretch run. Dependent on where the Yankees decide to throw Sanchez - I would assume he will not begin in the bullpen - the SWB starting rotation could look like this:
Philip Hughes
Humberto Sanchez
Tyler Clippard
Ross Ohlendorf
Jeff Karstens or Darrel Rasner (one may earn an early call-up)
That's some serious firepower, and ultimately may out-duel several lower-tier rotations around MLB - the Devil Rays & Royals come to mind. With a Superbowl blowout a realistic possibility, my thoughts may quickly transition from Peyton Manning clutching the Lombardi trophy to Phil Hughes gripping a curveball.

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