Monday, September 24, 2007

Joba Rules: The First Amendment

The Yankees made their first amendment to the strict set of rules regarding Joba Chamberlain's usage. The flamethrowing righthander celebrated his 22nd birthday by entering yesterday's game with men on base for the first time in his relieving career. He also pitched the 9th inning in a save situation for the first time.

In what seemed to be an inevitable decision, the "Joba Rules" have been modified in lieu of the postseason. Yankee fans can expect Brian Cashman to relax the restrictions on Chamberlain, so that he is available with much more regularity. The Yanks will still be extremely cautious with his pitchcounts, but the training wheels are officially off. Joe Torre, however, will be watched like a hawk.

In his column today, Joel Sherman talked to Mike Mussina about the recent tweak of these rules:

“When you put on a uniform in the postseason, you’re available every day,” Mussina said. “That’s just simply the way it is.”

When asked if this represented a team-wide view, Mussina said, “I am pretty sure you can take a survey, and it would be the same opinion.”

...“If we want to do what we want to do come October, we are going to need him [every day],” Mussina said. “Joe believes in him and Joe wants to use him.”

If Torre can’t use him in obvious situations in October, the Joba Rules very well may become the Chamberlain Conflict.

Moose, speaking the truth.

Chamberlain's innings high at the University of Nebraska was 118.2 in 2005. Through three minor league levels and the majors, Joba's compiled 120 innings in 2007.

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