Monday, September 24, 2007

Yankees Pitching Breaking Records?

Ed Price of the Newark Star Ledger reports that the 2007 New York Yankees have tied the 2003 Texas Rangers AL record for most pitching changes (254) in a given season.

That works out to 3.18 relievers used per game (helped along by the 16 pitching changes combined in Friday and Saturday's marathons).

Those 2003 Rangers went 71-91 with a 4.92 ERA for the bullpen. The 2007 Yankees are 90-65 with a 4.28 ERA for the relievers.

By the way, Alex Rodriguez was on both teams.

Not sure if it ranks up there with Maris's 61 or Aaron's 755, but I'm sure Joe Torre will wear it as a badge of honor. And, honorary members Steve Karsay, Tanyon Sturtze, Paul Quantrill and Scott Proctor will wear patches labeled "255" on their jersey sleeves for the remainder of their (short) careers.


Also, Roger Clemens will be pushed back to Tuesday, with Andy Pettitte starting tomorrow afternoon.

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