Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rocket Goes Tonight, Reinforcements Wait


Looks like Clemens will not start tonight's game against the Devil Rays, and Kei Igawa will take his place. LoHud reports that Clemens will not pitch at all during this series. Could be aggravated injury, but it's more likely that Joe Torre wants to rest the 45 year old as much as possible.


Roger Clemens
is scheduled to start tonight's game at Tampa Bay. Should he have any issues before or during his appearance, Tyler Kepner reports that Kei Igawa and Matt DeSalvo are waiting in the wings. In Oz terms, that means a Clemens setback could give way to a Flying Monkey or a Lollipop Kid taking the mound tonight. How's that for generating confidence.

Ian Kennedy probably will not pitch for the rest of the regular season, and may only pitch again in 2007 if a long man be needed. One would think that Phil Hughes offers an ability more applicable to the bullpen than Kennedy, but that remains to be decided. This is also under the assumption that Mike Mussina pushed Hughes aside in attaining the #4 spot of the Yankees playoff rotation.

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- Magic number is now 1, with a Yankees win or Detroit loss clinching a playoff berth.

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