Monday, September 24, 2007

Rookie Hazing Photos Unleashed

As is customary for major league teams on their final roadtrip of the season, the Yankees dressed up their rookies in embarrassing costumes this afternoon. The motif this year? The Wizard of Oz.

Edwar Ramirez faced a more difficult dilemma: How to shimmy into that little Wicked Witch of the West dress?

He eventually made it, then pulled on his pointy black hat and looked into a mirror. Just for confirmation, he called across the clubhouse to Derek Jeter.

"Jeet! Jeet!" the pitcher said. "Nice?"

Jeter studied the ensemble and smiled.

"Yep," he said. "Bueno."

Joba Chamberlain plays the Cowardly Lion. Phil Hughes is the Tin Man. Upon further review, Shelley Duncan is not a country western singer, but the Scarecrow. Ian Kennedy uncomfortably donned the Dorothy attire. Ross Ohlendorf was a palace guard and Kei Igawa appropriately dressed as one of the flying monkey things.

Here they are:

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