Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Mitchell Names

Andy Pettitte confessed that he used HGH on two occasions in order "to heal" and was not done to get "an edge." Call me what you will, but I believe him. Anyone who would offer an incident in 2002 as evidence that Pettitte is a cheater is pretty delusional.

Pettitte made a big mistake in using HGH to recover from an injury and his legacy will forever carry a taint - small or large. However, any further punishment is unlikely and unwarranted. Roger Clemens, on the other hand, appears to be in some hot water, considering Pettitte's confession offers a great deal of credence to the accusations made against Clemens.

In the meantime, check out this hilarious video, which considers some other names the Mitchell Report may have left out:

Even after a dozen times watching it, the "F---face" reference to a Billy Ripken error card makes me lose it everytime.

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