Monday, December 17, 2007

Sickels: Yankees Top 20 Prospects

John Sickels ranked the top 20 prospects in the Yankees farm system today.

Sickels seems to be a little inconsistent comparing to grades of other similar prospects. For example, Austin Jackson may have only done it at one level thus far, but his ceiling is extremely high. The bottom line: A-Jax has to be a B level prospect at worst and should have been listed at B+ in my view.

Also, where are Mark Melancon and Humberto Sanchez? If Brackman is up there - considering his imminent recovery period from TJ surgery - Sanchez and Melancon should be as well. They are better prospects than many of the C+ listed above and deserve the corresponding respect.
  1. Joba Chamberlain, RHP, Grade A
  2. Jose Tabata, OF, Grade B+
  3. Ian Kennedy, RHP, Grade B+
  4. Alan Horne, RHP, Grade B
  5. Austin Jackson, OF, Grade B-
  6. Bradley Suttle, 3B, Grade B-
  7. Dellin Betances, RHP, Grade B-
  8. Austin Romine, C, Grade B- (hate grading guys who haven't played yet)
  9. Jesus Montero, C, Grade C+ (borderline B-)
  10. Dan McCutchen, RHP, Grade C+
  11. Brett Gardner, OF, Grade C+
  12. Damon Sublett, 2B, Grade C+ (love this guy)
  13. Andrew Brackman, RHP, Grade C+ (could slot anywhere from 9 to 20)
  14. Jeffrey Marquez, RHP, Grade C+
  15. George Kontos, RHP, Grade C+
  16. Kevin Whelan, RHP, Grade C+ (check those K/IP and H/IP, but command?)
  17. Frank Cervelli, C, Grade C+ (great glove, bat?)
  18. David Robertson, RHP, Grade C+ (stunning numbers)
  19. Jairo Heredia, RHP, Grade C+
  20. Zach McAllister, RHP, Grade C+
Not many surprises, though I would place Tabata at #4 until his projected power begins to show.

Sickels goes on to say Jon Albaladejo, Michael Dunn, Juan Miranda, and Justin Snyder were all C+ prospects as well. He also said there "are several Grade C guys that I like but want to see more from before giving them higher grades."

There are 38 Yankees prospects in all included in his 2008 prospect handbook.

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