Monday, January 28, 2008

Conie To Join YES Network

According to Joel Sherman, David Cone will join the YES broadcast booth next season. I have a feeling Cone will thrive as an analyst and has the personality to back it up. Al Leiter and Cone provide some strong personalities for the network, though they probably will still find themselves behind SNY's trio of Darling, Hernandez and Cohen.

I must admit myself to be one of the bigger Cone fans out there. I remember when Cone was a member of the '93 Royals and spent hours signing autographs at Yankee Stadium. I was able to shake his hand, share a kind word and get a hat signed. Even as a youngster I could sense the genuine appreciation he got from interacting with fans. Even fans from opposing teams, Conie just got it.

Watching his perfect game a few years later, there was never a moment in which an athlete epitomized jubliation or worthiness more so than David Cone. Furthermore, name another Yankees perfect game pitcher who accepted an invitation from the boisterous bleacher creatures and sat in Section 39 for a Yankees home opener. Like many other baseball fans, I will look forward to his contributions in the booth.

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Ted said...

Agreed, good news for YES fans.
And also still think the Mets group is better right now.