Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HOF Inductees Announced At 2PM

UPDATE 2:05 pm: Goose lone inductee, Rice 14 votes shy

Like last year, my HOF votes go to Goose and Rice.

We'll know by 2pm.

From last year's post at Bronx Liaison:
Goose met the requirements as he dominated the Majors for an extended period of time (my personal timeline is eight years) and was one of the top lock-down closers of all time. During his era, pitchers like Sutter and Gossage were usually called upon for multiple inning saves - whether that be two or even three frames. This was a time when the term "Fireman" meant what it implied. Closers came in when there was trouble and were expected to douse the flames.

His most dominant years came between 1975 and 1985. At which time his average ERA was 2.41; average WHIP was 1.09; had a 2.38 k/bb ratio; and a 7.94 k/9. If that's not a hall of fame caliber, I don't know what is. His career WHIP of 1.23 and career ERA of 3.01 further impresses since his career spanned 22 seasons.

During Sutter's nine-year period of dominance (his final 3 years unimpressive) his WHIP of 1.10; k/9 of 7.41 and 3.13 k/bb rate is extremely comparable to Goose's eleven-year averages. One could make the argument that Gossage should have been voted in before Sutter (or at least simultaneously) because Goose was able to remain very good even after his most dominant seasons.
As far as Rice goes, it is an absolute travesty that he's been denied the opportunity to drop an F-bomb or two on an induction stage. During a twelve year span Rice was one of the most dominating and feared hitters in the AL.

Between 1975-1986 Rice averaged .304, 29 homers, and 106 RBI, earning himself six top-5's in MVP voting. Rice led the league in total bases four times and is an eight-time allstar. He also racked up four 200-hit seasons, eight 100 RBI seasons, and eleven 20 homerun seasons. His career numbers are: 2,452 hits, 382 HR, 1,451 rbi, 79 triples. In three different seasons Rice was able to generate 39 homeruns. In 1978 Rice clocked 46 homeruns, 139 RBI and batted .315 to assure himself the AL MVP. (Important to remember that 40 homerun type seasons were not a dime-a-dozen as they are today)

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