Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pettitte Undecided If He'll Testify

From the ESPN article:

When Congress convenes hearings next week about the Mitchell report, one current Yankees pitcher still doesn't know if he'll be in attendance.

Jay Reisinger, the lawyer for New York pitcher Andy Pettitte, told 1050 ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand that it is "premature" to say if Pettitte will attend next Wednesday's hearings on Capitol Hill.

Reisinger, who also represented Sammy Sosa at the 2005 steroid hearings before the same congressional committee, said he expects to soon hear what the committee's plans are for Pettitte. When he gets those answers, he will discuss the options available to Pettitte.

For Pettitte, this is like the time your big brother crashed the family car with you in it, and little brother has to either spill the beans or protect big bro under the possibility of collecting full blame.

Maybe Pettitte will do what I did in my early years. That is, plead the fifth and hope mom and pops don't revoke our illegal HBO privileges. Speaking of which, thank the Lord for The Wire's return.

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