Tuesday, January 8, 2008

McNamee: There's Another Tape

Just when you thought it was safe to talk on your phone again, trainer to the stars Brian McNamee has alerted Congress that another taped phone conversation exists between the trainer and his client, Roger Clemens, the AP reports.

NEW YORK -- A lawyer for Brian McNamee called on Congress to demand and make public the recording of a December interview between his client and two private investigators hired by Roger Clemens' attorneys.

A lawsuit filed Sunday by Clemens against his former trainer contains what appears to be an excerpt of the interview, which took place Dec. 12. That was one day before the release of the Mitchell report, in which McNamee accused Clemens of using steroids and human growth hormone.

"They should ask for the entire tape of the interview back in December. That's the tape they should ask for," Earl Ward, one of McNamee's lawyers, said Tuesday. "According to Brian, they tried to get him to recant. Brian said, look, what I told the [Mitchell and federal] investigators was the truth."

Ward said the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which has asked Clemens and McNamee to testify Jan. 16, should ask for the recording. If it isn't turned over, Ward said the committee should subpoena it.

"I think it would be important for Congress to show how consistent Brian has been," Ward said. Joe Householder, a spokesman for Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said Congress has not yet made a request for the tape.

Between the Clemens filibuster and the Santana saga, the MLB offseason can't get much more inconclusive can it?

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