Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Name Shows Up In Clemens Saga

According to Brian McNamee, an employee of Roger Clemens' agents, the Hendrix Brothers, discussed the possibility of steroid use with McNamee back in 2004, says From the report:

A meeting in 2004 between Roger Clemens' former trainer and a representative of the pitcher's agents could have implications in the back and forth claims about steroid use that came out of the Mitchell report, according to published reports.

Jim Murray, who is employed by Clemens' agents, met with the pitcher's former trainer Brian McNamee in 2004, near Clemens' New York apartment, according to McNamee's attorney Earl Ward. Ward said that at the time, McNamee was concerned that some steroids may be lingering in Clemens' system that could result in a positive test in Major League Baseball's first round of steroid testing.

"He did speak to Murray about his suspicions, his concerns that Major League Baseball had implemented testing and that Roger could have a problem," Ward told the New York Times after speaking with his client Friday night. McNamee said Murray took detailed notes about the meeting. "Brian wanted to let them know Roger had some problems," Ward told the New York Daily News. "They discussed steroid use."
During the congressional hearing on capital hill this month, Ward issued a statement basically warning Clemens there will be harsh consequences should he continue to question or dirty the reputation of McNamee. It appears the first stone has been cast.

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