Monday, January 21, 2008

Report: Mets Still Lead Santana Race

According to Joe Christensen of the Star Tribune, the Twins may be most enamored with the Mets as a trading partner and landing spot for Johan Santana. Christensen goes on to imply that the Yankees and Red Sox will not "improve their offers."

It is certainly possible that the two AL rivals will rescind their trade proposals altogether, if they haven't already considering Hank Steinbrenner's flipflopping. However, baseball people are not silly enough to rule out the Yankees, especially when Hank repeatedly leaves the door open for him to change his mind on the subject.

From the article:

The Twins know what they can get. And they realize none of the packages will appease their fans, who might never forgive them for trading the two-time Cy Young Award winner.

Still, Twins officials privately say they think Santana will be traded before spring training opens next month.

It's possible the Twins will trade Santana without landing one player who is universally recognized as a big help in 2008.

Lately, the Twins have seemed most intrigued with the Mets' offer.

The Mets are offering some combination of the following five players: Carlos Gomez, Fernando Martinez, Deolis Guerra, Philip Humber and Kevin Mulvey.

Gomez, 22, could step in immediately as the Twins' starting center fielder, but some scouts are skeptical about his bat.

The Twins are much higher on Martinez, 19, and Guerra, 18, even though they realize both might be in the minors until 2010.

As for Humber and Mulvey, neither projects as better than a No. 4 starter.

But if the Red Sox and Yankees don't improve their offers -- and the Twins have reason to believe they won't -- Santana could wind up with the Mets.

They will be dancing in the streets of Astoria if this ever goes down.


SheaDay said...

i will definitely be in the streets once santana comes to town. quickest way to erase last year is a world series for 2008!

Bronx Liaison said...

If I were a Mets fan, I would be too. Especially with an offseason currently highlighted by Ryan Church and an array of backup catchers.

Jim Callis can say whatever he likes about Milledge's makeup problems, the Mets should have pooled more talent in return or waited a trade out another six months.