Thursday, February 7, 2008

Callis Chats: Guess Hughes Back

I forgot to post a few Yankees morsels which Baseball America's Jim Callis spoke on during his last two ESPN chats. Topics include how Phil Hughes will fair in 2008, a comparison of Melky Cabrera and Carlos Gomez, a comparison of Jacoby Ellsbury, Adam Jones and Austin Jackson and more:
SprungOnSports (Long Island): For 2008: Hughes, Myers, Ubaldo, Francis?

Jim Callis: Phil Hughes. Let's give him 16 wins and a 3.65 ERA.

Marc: Commack NY: Will we see the real Phil Hughes this year... im talkin big time curveball, and 92-94 on the gun?

Jim Callis: Yes.

Jay (Madison,WI): Carlos Gomez or Melky Cabera?

Jim Callis: Wow, two guys I don't like as much as other people do. Gomez has more upside, Cabrera has more polish . . . it's a tossup on which way you want to go. I'd take Melky, I guess.

Max, (NY, NY): Pure speculation at this point but...who ends up having the better career: Austin Jackson or Adam Jones?

Jim Callis: Adam Jones. I want to see Austin Jackson have more than one strong half, but I do like him.

Jarrett (Medford, MA): ellsbury or austin jackson

Jim Callis: I'd take Ellsbury. Jackson has the higher ceiling but Ellsbury has a nice ceiling too and is much more of a sure thing.
Granted, Callis is admittedly more in love with Ellsbury than many other prospect gurus, but he still has a fair take on A-Jax. Interesting that - though he isn't very high on either - Callis selects Cabrera of Gomez. Callis' take on Hughes has been consistent since last September when he wrote Hughes would not be "right" until the 2008 season.

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