Thursday, February 7, 2008

Schilling Update

Boston Herald Update 11:41 pm:

According to the latest Herald report, Dr. Craig Morgan explained after examining Curt Schilling that the aging pitcher is suffering from an injury to his "bicipital groove," which is the portion of the bicep tendon running outside the shoulder.

Though he denies it within his latest 38Pitches blog post, Schilling and the Red Sox are reportedly at odds about whether or not to have the surgery. While the righthander would like to have the operation done, Boston threatened to void his contract if done so, thereby forcing Schilling's hand.

From Rotoworld:
Morgan said the biceps looks like "three strands of spaghetti," and is an irreversible problem if just using the Red Sox’ recommended remedy of a cortisone shot and rehabilitation. Morgan believes Schilling could undergo surgery and still be ready to go after the All-Star break. The Red Sox, though, disagree, and according to the Globe, threatened to void Schilling's contract if he attempted to undergo surgery. Indications are that Morgan became worried about the problem as far back as last summer. If that was the case, then the surgery he's recommending probably should have been performed in November, not now.
Yikes. Schilling is going to try to pitch with three strands of spaghetti holding his arm together? This makes the Mets acquisition of Johan Santana all the more satisfying. If what Morgan believes is true, and Schilling could make it back in equal time with the surgery, it would appear that Mr. Red Light let down the Red Sox on this one.


jjswol said...

As a Twins fan I gotta love it. The Reds Sox get what they deserve, they should have taken Sanatana when he was offered to them on a silver plater. LOL

wwwxltrade said...

im just wondering how he found a way to type all those new words on his blog

good riddance loudmouth