Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hoch On Spring Training

Bryan Hoch of offered some thoughts on Spring training, including the rotation, the bullpen and Joe Girardi. From the article:

Projected rotation:

1. Chien-Ming Wang, 19-7, 3.70 ERA in 2007
2. Andy Pettitte, 15-9, 4.05 ERA in 2007
3. Joba Chamberlain, 2-0, 0.38 ERA, 1 SV in 2007
4. Phil Hughes, 5-3, 4.46 ERA in 2007
5. Mike Mussina, 11-10, 5.15 ERA in 2007

The Yankees' plan all along has been to develop Chamberlain as a starter, where they believe he has ace-type stuff and can be what Josh Beckett has been to the Red Sox. Hitters barely even saw the changeup and curveball in Chamberlain's repertoire in 2007. If you think he was dominant for one inning, the Yankees feel he can be that good over six or seven frames.

He may love his 1980s movie T-shirts, but there's no DeLorean waiting to transport Mussina back to regain his velocity from years past. A rough spring could put Kennedy in the rotation and relegate Mussina to long relief

He goes on to rattle off some prospects to watch next season, including Humberto Sanchez, Alan Horne, Jose Tabata, Jesus Montero. Peculiarly, Hoch omits Hideki Matsui from his projected 2008 lineup, deciding to insert Giambi at DH and Shelley Duncan at 1B in his stead.

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