Friday, February 15, 2008

Posada Believes Clemens

The LoHud Blog reports Jorge Posada believes Roger Clemens who recently testified in front of Congress that he was innocent of accusations that he used steroids, HGH or any other performance enhancing drug.
“I’m supportive,” Posasa said. “He says he never took it and I’m behind him 100 percent. Rocket is one of my favorite teammates ever. It doesn’t take anything away from what he did. For me, he’s the best pitcher I ever caught and it doesn’t change that.”
Maybe more importantly, the report mentioned Posada's belief that things will be "a little different" under Joe Girardi's watch as opposed to what went on during Joe Torre's tenure. Posada stated Girardi is "a little more critical" than Torre and will probably "be a little tougher on us." That's the plan.

Posada also told reporters “the Mets were really, really involved” this Winter and that the Yankees career catcher had to seriously mull their offer(s).

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