Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hughes Interviews Kennedy

Using his blog, Phil Hughes took tens of questions from his fans posed to fellow starting pitcher Ian Kennedy. IPK answered six of them which were posted today:
1. What’s something you’re into or a fan of that you are embarassed to admit to?
The TV show Grey’s Anatomy

2. This is not baseball related but what is your all time favorite movie?
Dumb and Dumber

3. hey Ian, Do you answer fan mail or did I just waste 82 cents?
I try and answer as much fan mail as I possibly can. Sometimes it can be very time consuming so I won’t guarantee it.

4. Who’s better at HALO, Phil or Joba?
Phil, hands down.

5. Ian, what’s the benefit of throwing the “vulcan” changeup instead of the normal changeups (circle and straight grips)? more downward movement? it is a comfort thing?
It’s more of a comfort thing. I had trouble throwing a traditional circle change so I tried a “vulcan” grip and found it more comfortable and had more movement.

6. (bonus) How come you chose #31 and do you have any plans to change it in the future?
31 is my favorite number and what I used in high school. I don’t plan on changing it.
The whole Grey's Anatomy deal is a little frightening. Wouldn't watch that show if the alternative was hearing John Sterling commentate the rest of my life, live. That said, Dumb and Dumber is an alltime great, so good save by Kennedy.

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