Thursday, March 20, 2008

Breaking News: Joba Is Good

Joba Chamberlain struck out the side on eleven pitches in his one inning of work today. This was the first time this Spring it seemed like Chamberlain really let loose with his pitches. Slider was nasty, fastball well commanded 95-96 mph and the minor leaguers he faced looked defenseless. Joba is talented enough to pitch six innings every five days or two innings in two days, so it will be interesting to see his season shape up.

Ian Kennedy also looked very good. His target was 75 pitches for the day and he threw 76. Over 4.1 innings he allowed five hits [the last of which was a popfly misplayed by his infield], one run, struck out four and walked zero. His changeup looked exceptional and he was spotting the ball well with his heater around 87-90mph. The curveball was not as consistent, but he struck out a batter with a well placed deuce in the dirt. [Sounds like kindergarten humor doesn't it]

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