Friday, March 7, 2008

Nathan to Papelbon: Save It

Dominant closer Jonathon Papelbon's well publicized dispute with the Red Sox over his 2008 salary hasn't yielded much sympathy from fellow 9th inning wonder, Joe Nathan.
“(Papelbon) is still a little young to be worried about that,” said Twins closer Joe Nathan. “He’s coming into his third year of closing. He’s got some time before he has to worry about the young guys behind him.
“(Papelbon) is a young guy right now. I think it’s more important for us to set the bar for him at this stage of the game.”
Them is fighting words.
Remember Nathan is a unique example of humility as he has never attempted to cash in on his talents and instead valued stability by signing a two year deal in 2003 [worth $2.5 million] and a then another two year deal in 2005 [worth $10 million].

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Anonymous said...

When a pitcher has to feed his dog with baseball instead of pet food, no doubt he's underpaid.