Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yankees & Rays Brawl

Apparently Shelley Duncan wasn't kidding during his charged comments regarding the recent controversial play in which a Tampa Rays player rammed catcher Francisco Cervelli at homeplate, resulting in a broken risk for the Yankees backstop.

During today's game, Heath Phillips threw a ball up-and-in which grazed Evan Longoria and was immediately tossed. Soon after, Duncan tried to stretch a single into a double, was thrown out, but not before spiking Akinori Iwamura. Duncan was ejected, but not before Jonny Gomes ran in from leftfield and tackled him. Gomes was then ejected.

According to reports, no punches were thrown, but a new AL East rivalry has found its origins. The Yankees have the "Ha Play" with Toronto, the Red Sox Report with Boston and now the Fightin' Rays with Tampa. If Baltimore could just bring back Armando Benitez to plunk Tino Martinez, the Bombers will have every divisional foe covered.

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Headline News said...

Yeah that brawl was pretty crazy man, especially since it was only spring training..NY Post has a video of it incase you didn't actually see it in their latest sports news section.