Monday, April 7, 2008

Paps Makes Theo Looks Stupid [Again]

The Red Sox sure aren't making GM Theo Epstein look very good. Considering the boy genius called out Mike Mussina for voicing his displeasure over an exhibition trip to Japan, the comments Jonathon Papelbon offered during a recent radio interview completely contradict Theo's "bad apple" remarks toward Moose.

Threatening to boycott the Japan trip altogether was one thing, but now comes straight up whining on the part of the Red Sox closer:

"It’s been pretty ridiculous,” Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon said after his team’s first regular-season game in the eastern time zone.

Believe me, Papelbon isn’t on an island with his opinion. Even before the final out was registered last night, the Sox’ well-worn description of the 19-day road trip as “a business trip” had morphed into downright disgust.

“I feel like if we start struggling toward the end of the year, don’t ask questions. That’s if we do. I’m not saying we are,” Papelbon said. “We might breeze through that last month. But if aches and pains are starting to come that normally don’t, and intensity starts to lower, which I hope it doesn’t . . .but if that does happen don’t ask questions.”

“Not only to start out in Japan, but all the responsibilities they asked of us in Japan, the appearances, all the extra (stuff) besides going to Japan. Not only that but I think things were said and promised and not held up,” Papelbon said. “That certainly starts the trip out on the wrong foot.

"There's not an exact reason why you're going to win or lose a ballgame, but there are certain things that help predict the outcome and this trip is definitely starting to feel its effects," he said. "It's not just me, but I think a lot of other players."

Once again, Theo, I'd like you [pot] to meet kettle.

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