Monday, May 5, 2008

Cox Getting Closer

From The Thunder Blog comes word on JB Cox and how his close his arm, velocity and stuff feels compared to his pre Tommy John surgery self. The former Texas closer is already pitching well at AA-Trenton and could make a rapid move toward New York.

The most difficult aspect of TJ surgery:
“Kind of the numb feeling you get when you’re rehabbing for such a long period of time. You kind of getPublish Post detached from the game. But that’s also what makes it better when you get to come back and come into the clubhouse and play again. But for that 12 month period, it’s pretty tough. You become numb with going to the field every day and doing the same thing.”
On how his stuff/command feels right now:
“It gets closer and closer every time out. It’s still not 100 percent yet, obviously. Arm-wise, I feel 100 percent, just not touch-wise. But it’s getting better and better each time out. I feel like it’s getting really, really close right now. I couldn’t give a percentage, but it’s close.”
On his velocity since the surgery:
“I’m actually throwing a little bit harder right now than I have been. I don’t if it’s because I’ve had such a long time off or what. But my arm feels great, even with the cold weather. So that’s kind of a plus.”

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