Monday, May 5, 2008

Horne's Rehab Progressing,
Bullpen Session Today

Alan Horne, arguably the most talented Yankees pitching prospect yet to jump into the big leagues, is making his way back from a biceps injury suffered on April 10th.

According to Horne's father - a constant poster on Yankee message boards - Horne has progressed well over the past weeks and will throw his first bullpen session this morning.

Over the last month, Mr. Horne offered these updates on Alan's rehab following his two week idle period:
[April 19th] Alan's re-hab is going about as expected at this point in time. They're doing therapy treatments daily to the biceps, having him do shoulder, lower body, and cardio-workouts daily.
[April 25th] Talked with Alan today. He threw the planned work-out at 60' and said everything went well. He said his arm was strong and felt good but he was going to have to be careful getting the biceps stretched back out and up to speed--he was definately encouraged I think as to how his day went.
[April 27th] Actually Alan ended up throwing on back to back days--Friday and Saturday--and his arm felt strong both days. I realize that it's just flat-ground throwing sessions, but he was encouraged by both of them.
[April 29th] Everything with the re-hab seems to be going well and according to the Yankees schedule. Alan said today that he threw 50 throws from 90'. Should do that again tomorrow, and move back to 120' on Thursday. Flat ground work on his secondary pitches should also begin this week--barring unforeseen complications. At this point Alan says that his arm feels strong but knows he very much has to stretch the biceps back out to game speed at a prescribed rate.
[May 2nd] Talked with Alan again today. He went through his throwing regiment and said everything went well, going on to say he felt like his arm was getting stronger. Actually he said that it felt the best today that it has since he started back throwing.
[May 3rd] Talked with Alan today. He threw his work-out from 120' and said he "let it loose pretty good". He said his arm felt good and further noted that this re-hab is really making him stay aware of every aspect of his mechanics--which is a good thing. Alan went on to say that he also threw all his secondary pitches on flat ground along with his dry-side, and everything was fine.
[May 4th] Alan will now throw his first BP on Monday....
[May 5th] Talked with Alan today after he threw. He said everything went as expected. I asked how he felt--he said fine, it was just a 25 pitch--FB only pen. He went on to say today it was more about getting his timing and rhythm back down and smoothed out, and to that end he thought it went well. He should throw off the mound again Wednesday.
Mr. Horne has a future in the journalism field with all the insightful reporting he's done during his son's recovery period.

With the back end of the Yankees rotation currently in shambles due to injury [Hughes] and ineffectiveness [Kennedy], Horne must be champing at the bit to again compete for a big league roster spot.

Though Darrell Rasner was the obvious choice as the first starter to be called up to the Bronx, Horne may have been choice #2 had he not succumbed to injury. Instead, the Yankees will look to Kei Igawa and his sunglasses this weekend against a formidable Detroit lineup.


Anonymous said...

What is the status of Jeff Karstans?

Bronx Liaison said...

I would guess Karstens is pitching in extended spring training games if he's on a mound yet. Since the groin injury at the end of March, there's been no announcement as far as getting into minor league games.