Friday, May 9, 2008

Dusty Baker Is At It Again

Dusty Baker likes to torch the arms of his top pitchers with his latest exhibit being young Edinson Volquez.

The young fireballer walks too many and needs a better breaking ball because only relying on a fastball/changeup combo will not work longterm as a starter. However, he's only allowed one home run thus far this season and boasts a ridiculous ERA [1.06] and k/9 rate [11.06].

So, wouldn't you imagine Dusty and the Reds would be a tad bit cautious in how many pitches per inning or game they allow this promising young pitcher to throw?

Apparently the answer to that is a resounding no.

During his last start on Wednesday, Volquez was allowed to throw 120 pitches... in a game Cincinnati was leading 9-0. Apparently Dusty has no desire to quiet the endless queue of Cubs and Giants fans who blame him for Prior, Nen and Wood.

A decade from now, we may reminisce about Volquez's promise with the same chagrin we now have over footage like this:


saucy said...

i thought it was Edinson ?

Bronx Liaison said...

It is. Just a typo on my part