Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mark Buehrle Hates Heaters

Apparently Mark Buehrle did not have a good Wednesday night against the Twins. The real show wasn't his poor performance, but instead what took place after being chased during a five-run sixth inning:

Mark Buehrle didn't wait for Ozzie Guillen to complete his walk to the mound, marching out to meet the White Sox manager and handing him the game ball. And that was just the beginning of one of Buehrle's most bizarre moments in baseball Wednesday night.

During a five-run sixth inning against the Minnesota Twins -- a team he has dominated during his career -- the usually mild-mannered Buehrle became unglued. The left-hander stomped off the mound, headed directly toward a corner of the dugout and grabbed one of Juan Uribe's bats. Buehrle went ballistic, whacking a dugout heater about five times with a bat that hadn't seen this much action all season.

When he was done, Buehrle calmly returned the bat to its spot, plopped himself on the bench and folded his arms. Then he sat steaming through the rest of the inning that put the game away during the first-place Twins' 13-1 romp at U.S. Cellular Field.
''I have never seen him react like that,'' Guillen said. ''It was kind of weird to see him like that.''
Carlo Gomez, the centerpiece of the Johan Santana trade, was sad to see Buehrle go as the youngster ultimately hit for the cycle over six at-bats. It was the first time the feat had been acccomplished by a Twin since Kirby Puckett did it in 1986.

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Raven said...

I hope he used his own bat.
And Jonathan Robert Papelbon really hates water cooler.