Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ozzie Can't Quit A-Rod

Ozzie Guillen, fresh off one of the most hilarious baseball manager rants of alltime [#1 in bleep-age], still feels badly about his corrosive remarks which targeted Alex Rodriguez.

Guillen, never missing a chance to be two-faced, offered this transparent apology:

Guillen apologized to Rodriguez the day after the story came out, but he’s still bothered more than two years later by his outburst.

“I was telling the truth, but I didn’t have the right to put that kid on the spot,’’ Guillen said Wednesday. “That was a (bleep) thing on my part; that was low-class. That’s why I apologized. I never start anything. I started it with Alex, and that’s why I regret it. Everything else, (heck), no, because I know I was right.’’

...Notorious or not, his celebrity is unmistakable, and Guillen says he has to watch himself when he’s away from U.S. Cellular Field. The 44-year-old manager offered an example—he went out for a drink near his downtown Chicago home after Tuesday night’s win over Minnesota.

“I’m sitting at the bar and they offered me a drink,’’ Guillen said. “‘Can I buy you a drink? ‘No.’ Now people think I’m (bleeping) arrogant. You know why I say no? I said, ‘Thank you. I’ll buy you one.’ “Because that guy, maybe I’m wrong, they’re going to go: ‘Last night, I got (bleeped) up with Ozzie. That guy was so (bleeped up). That’s why I have to be careful.

How many MVP's did Ozzie win again? I can't remember. We all understand how great a fielder he was, but Guillens career high in HR, RBI, AVG and OBP: 4; 58; .288; .325

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