Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Teixeira Hangs In Hoboken?

Mark Teixeira is going to make a ton of money this offseason and the New York Yankees may just be the team to flip the bill for his services. With Jason Giambi's horrendous contract coming off the books this fall, Tex wearing pinstripes should be a consistent rumor.

However, there may be even more reason to consider the Baltimore native signing in New York as his sister apparently resides in Hoboken and Tex loves it:

The Yankees and Mets both could be looking for a first baseman next year, as Jason Giambi and Carlos Delgado will be likely be let go.

When the Rangers were looking to trade Teixeira last year, some speculated he'd want to either go to Atlanta (he went to Georgia Tech) or Baltimore (where he grew up). But Heyman adds a new wrinkle with the report that Teixeira's sister - Elizabeth Durastanti - lives right here in Hoboken.

"I love it. I love coming here,'' Teixeira said on a recent trip to New York. "I grew up in a big city. I went to college in a big city [Georgia Tech, in Atlanta]. I like having a lot of things to do.''

Plus, he's of Portuguese ancestry, so he'll love the Ironbound.

Heyman also gives the odds for various teams signing Teixeira, and has the Yankees as the favorites as 3-2, followed by the Mets at 4-1.

Nobody can resist the strange yet alluring Hoboken culture which fuses fraternity life with corporate ties.

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That wouldn't be bad at all.