Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Roundup: Clemens, Bonds, Etc.

* A Harvard player recalls what it was like facing Ross Ohlendorf - who the Yankees recently acquired in the Randy Johnson deal.

* NY DailyNews explains what the Bonds positive test for speed means for the Giants.

* The SF Chronicle reports that Bonds must redeem himself on the field.

* The Houston Chronicle says that Clemens is nowhere near a decision on the 2007 season.

* The NY Post agrees that Clemens' decision will be a long way off.

* The Mets are close to signing Jorge Sosa, and nobody could care less.

* Boston may be looking to acquire a veteran reliever.

* Somewhat old news are these reports on Ichiro's desire to get out of Seattle. Through an interpreter he initially seemed happy to catch the first flight out of the Emerald City. But now Ichiro is saying that his words were lost in translation because he has enjoyed his time with the Mariners and loves the city of Seattle.

* Apparently, the Phillies do not have Ryan Howard's desire for a long-term contract atop their list of priorities.

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