Sunday, January 14, 2007

Will Brady's Deal With Devil Expire Today?

Following the 4th quarter dismemberment of the Jets a week ago, the Patriots headed to San Diego to take on the best team in the NFL. As suffering Jet fans recognize, Tom Brady signed a deal with Satan before the 2001 season. This would account for Drew Bledsoe's internal bleeding after Jet linebacker Mo Lewis laid a monster hit on him. In comes Brady, the seas part and the first of three super bowls are won.

And if you are currently watching the Patriots-Chargers game you again notice the familiar formula: the game seems to be in doubt and yet they not only close to within a field goal, but are on the brink of pulling out a miraculous win. Remember this play. On 4th and 5 the Pats go for the first and Brady is . . . intercepted!?! With about 6 minutes remaining, SanDiego's takeaway appears to put the game on ice.

But wait, the Devil would never forget his best buddy, Brady. Instead of going to a knee or simply knocking the errant throw to the turf, the Charger d-back decides to return the ball. The intended receiver was Troy Brown - who was converted to corner a couple years ago - and of course Brown strips the Charger player of the ball. New England recovers. Brady then drives the Pats down the field, scores the touchdown, and gets the tying 2-point conversion on a direct snap to Kevin Faulk.

Following a three and out by the Chargers, Brady takes them down the field and into field goal position. They convert. The Chargers drive and eventually have a chance to hit a 55yarder to tie the game. They miss and somewhere in the subterranean recesses of el Diablo's lair you can hear laughter and the drooling of New England clam-chowder. Final score 24-21.

Quote of the Day

During the post-game press conference of the Seahawks-Bears playoff game, Rex Grossman was asked many questions about his regular season struggles, quarterback controversy, ect.

One reporter asked Car-Rex:

"How long have the last two weeks been for you?"

Without a blink, Grossman sprayed a little sarcasm, replying "Um, 14 days."
Now that's a starting quarterback if I ever saw one. Great line. If he crumbles against the Saints and never makes a start again, the "two weeks is 14 days" quote will live forever.

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