Thursday, February 1, 2007

Recommended Rentals

Here are a few good rentals you should add to your Blockbuster or NetFlix queues.

As the bright lights shine on South Beach and even brighter ones await Superbowl XLI, the cocaine-ridden murderous streets of the 1980s are not far behind South Florida's recent history. A generation ago, Miami was a town ruled by machinegun-wielding drug dealers as corrupt cops & mayors turned a blind eye or even participated.

After watching the documentary "Cocaine Cowboys," you won't believe these events took place in the United States. The film covers the genesis of the cocaine trade, the exponential rise and sweeping lows associated with the white powder. If you enjoyed films like Scarface or Blow, take a look at the real events which inspired them . . .

The next film may seem like a chick flick, which I guess it is. Except a lot of the content is seen through men's perspectives. developing funnier, more visceral discussions on relationships. Surprisingly, The Last Kiss was written by Paul Haggis, the writer/director of Best Picture winner Crash. The director is Tony Goldwyn, better known as the dick in Ghost or a psychotic in Kiss the Girls.

Zack Braff is believable, Casey Affleck sounds like a female Ed Burns and Rachel Bilson is incendiary. The first two-thirds of the film creates the most compelling storylines - forcing the audience to laugh, think & laugh again. The final third of the movie is a bit overdrawn, forcing the viewer to check his watch. But, overall a very funny, relatable piece of cinema to enjoy during a dry sports week.

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